Family Guy pulls Boston Marathon killing episode

by joanieims201

In March of 2013, Family Guy aired an episode showing a mass killing and a terrorist attack–one of which took place during the Boston Marathon.

The episode was pulled, and the creator of Family Guy apologized via Twitter and gave his condolences for the victims of the real Boston Marathon tragedy. 

My thoughts on this wondered if violence from media is partially to blame for real life murders. The shooting during the latest Batman movie was done by a man replicating a character from the movie.

Did the Boston Marathon bombing have anything to do with someone who wanted to kill a lot of people and got the idea of where from Family Guy? I’m not sure, and probably not, but to me it seems like mass killings aren’t exactly funny for television–but people enjoy it. 

I wonder if tv and movies will have to start really censoring violence. 

I also thought it was interesting that instead of going on the news, Family Guy creator took to Twitter to say his part. By doing it on Twitter it makes it seem less formal and less connected, but if he would have gone on the news to comment it would have seemed more like Family Guy was semi responsible. I thought that his response was very appropriate for the situation. Everyone keeps blaming different people and coming up with theories about who is to blame, but the truth is we don’t know. The only thing we can do is wait to get answers from officials, and hope they are being truthful. Frankly I think anyone twisted enough to set off a bomb to kill people is so sick that anything and any motive could seem rational in their mind. 

So horrible.