Is the iPhone the best Smartphone?

by joanieims201

As someone who is a little behind in the technology world, I don’t currently own a Smartphone.


One reason I have waited so long to get a Smartphone is because anywhere I go on campus at Miami has WIFI! I can use my laptop or tablet to get on the Internet pretty much whenever and wherever I want. When I graduate in a year, I won’t have this luxury, and will want to get a Smartphone so I can!


When looking at different types of Smartphones, the biggest decision to make is whether to get and iPhone, Android, or Windows Smartphone. While most of my friends use the iPhone, my brother looked into the issue and ended up getting an Android.


He isn’t the only one who likes the email features better on an Android, but with so many people using iPhones, it is hard to know what would be best for me.


What it seems like to me is that Android and Windows Smartphones are generally a better device. However, with so many people using iPhones, I feel that I would be able to ask pretty much anyone for help with an iPhone if I get one (most likely I will need help using a Smartphone since I am so bad with technology). Also, I like how great of reviews the camera and apps for the iPhone have gotten. With knowing so little about special features on Smartphones, a good camera, fun games, and easy text messaging are my top priority. If I can get notified that I have an email, it’s good enough for me! Plus I like that the iPhone doesn’t show part of your emails on the home screen because I wouldn’t want anyone being able to see who I email and what we are talking about—that should be private!


All in all, I will wait to see who makes the best phone in a year when I get a Smartphone, but right now, I’m going for the iPhone!