Basic computer skills

by joanieims201

As technology becomes more and more important in our daily lives, even older generations need to understand and have basic computer skills.


While neither my mom nor I know how to do anything extremely cool with our computers, I think it is about time she knew a few “easy” things. Cut and paste, spell check, and email seem to be a few things that stand out as no brainers the most.


While the reading I read was about these basic computer skills applying to workers, I feel that they are more relevant to our parents, and their parents.


Why? This stuff is SO BASIC! Anyone who is working a job during this time should have learned how to cut and paste in primary school! I don’t see why most jobs wouldn’t require and expect their employees to know how to do more than this on their computer. Using Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, seem to be some other basic things that everyone with a job should know how to do. While I don’t expect my mom to be able to whip up a great PowerPoint, I do expect any employee I work with to be able to do so in a short amount of time.


Technology is crucial to society in this amazing year of 2013! While I don’t expect my mom to keep up completely, I feel that she should be able to “hang in there” and understand these basic computer skills—anyone with a career? They should know how to do WAY more.


I know this article was from 2010, but even three years ago technology was important in the workplace!