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Month: April, 2013

Facebook Addiction

This website shows 6 steps to get rid of a Facebook addiction. It seems rather funny that there is even something called “Facebook addiction”, and while I think it is meant to be a joke, I feel that I too am a Facebook addict!

Whenever I have free time, when a class is too boring, in between classes, before bed, when I wake up…I CHECK FACEBOOK! I can’t help but love it and hate it at the same time.

As a Communication major, I realize my use of Facebook and other media outlets/ways of communication are crucial to my success. Last week my boyfriend asked me to go on a “1 week without media” with him. My answer? HECK NO! The fact that I am always on Facebook is a problem, but I still feel like I need it to keep in touch with family, friends, and groups for school projects. 

Maybe the problem isn’t Facebook, but maybe it is that we use it too much for pointless stuff. If I only used Facebook for what I said I need it for, my usage time would be cut dramatically…but I just love looking at everyone’s photos, writing on their pointless statuses, writing my own pointless statuses, and other stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with actually interacting with my Facebok friends for a purpose.

I decided to keep my Facebook even though I am what I would called a full-blown Facebook addict. I think that in college we use Facebook more because we have so much control over our time, since we don’t go to class for 8 hours a day. I feel that when I enter the “real world” I will have to balance my time a lot better based on the needs of my family, job, and my friends. I think that in the future I will be better at limiting my Facebook use, but don’t see a point in getting rid of my account forever.


Family Guy pulls Boston Marathon killing episode

In March of 2013, Family Guy aired an episode showing a mass killing and a terrorist attack–one of which took place during the Boston Marathon.

The episode was pulled, and the creator of Family Guy apologized via Twitter and gave his condolences for the victims of the real Boston Marathon tragedy. 

My thoughts on this wondered if violence from media is partially to blame for real life murders. The shooting during the latest Batman movie was done by a man replicating a character from the movie.

Did the Boston Marathon bombing have anything to do with someone who wanted to kill a lot of people and got the idea of where from Family Guy? I’m not sure, and probably not, but to me it seems like mass killings aren’t exactly funny for television–but people enjoy it. 

I wonder if tv and movies will have to start really censoring violence. 

I also thought it was interesting that instead of going on the news, Family Guy creator took to Twitter to say his part. By doing it on Twitter it makes it seem less formal and less connected, but if he would have gone on the news to comment it would have seemed more like Family Guy was semi responsible. I thought that his response was very appropriate for the situation. Everyone keeps blaming different people and coming up with theories about who is to blame, but the truth is we don’t know. The only thing we can do is wait to get answers from officials, and hope they are being truthful. Frankly I think anyone twisted enough to set off a bomb to kill people is so sick that anything and any motive could seem rational in their mind. 

So horrible.

Video Game Violence

Video Game Violence

Basic computer skills

As technology becomes more and more important in our daily lives, even older generations need to understand and have basic computer skills.


While neither my mom nor I know how to do anything extremely cool with our computers, I think it is about time she knew a few “easy” things. Cut and paste, spell check, and email seem to be a few things that stand out as no brainers the most.


While the reading I read was about these basic computer skills applying to workers, I feel that they are more relevant to our parents, and their parents.


Why? This stuff is SO BASIC! Anyone who is working a job during this time should have learned how to cut and paste in primary school! I don’t see why most jobs wouldn’t require and expect their employees to know how to do more than this on their computer. Using Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, seem to be some other basic things that everyone with a job should know how to do. While I don’t expect my mom to be able to whip up a great PowerPoint, I do expect any employee I work with to be able to do so in a short amount of time.


Technology is crucial to society in this amazing year of 2013! While I don’t expect my mom to keep up completely, I feel that she should be able to “hang in there” and understand these basic computer skills—anyone with a career? They should know how to do WAY more.


I know this article was from 2010, but even three years ago technology was important in the workplace!

Is the iPhone the best Smartphone?

As someone who is a little behind in the technology world, I don’t currently own a Smartphone.


One reason I have waited so long to get a Smartphone is because anywhere I go on campus at Miami has WIFI! I can use my laptop or tablet to get on the Internet pretty much whenever and wherever I want. When I graduate in a year, I won’t have this luxury, and will want to get a Smartphone so I can!


When looking at different types of Smartphones, the biggest decision to make is whether to get and iPhone, Android, or Windows Smartphone. While most of my friends use the iPhone, my brother looked into the issue and ended up getting an Android.


He isn’t the only one who likes the email features better on an Android, but with so many people using iPhones, it is hard to know what would be best for me.


What it seems like to me is that Android and Windows Smartphones are generally a better device. However, with so many people using iPhones, I feel that I would be able to ask pretty much anyone for help with an iPhone if I get one (most likely I will need help using a Smartphone since I am so bad with technology). Also, I like how great of reviews the camera and apps for the iPhone have gotten. With knowing so little about special features on Smartphones, a good camera, fun games, and easy text messaging are my top priority. If I can get notified that I have an email, it’s good enough for me! Plus I like that the iPhone doesn’t show part of your emails on the home screen because I wouldn’t want anyone being able to see who I email and what we are talking about—that should be private!


All in all, I will wait to see who makes the best phone in a year when I get a Smartphone, but right now, I’m going for the iPhone!

My Favorite Things

I’m going to write out some of my favorite things. Now you can learn more about me!

    • Sushi
    • Penguins
    • The color pink
    • My friends and family

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