Ebay: pros and cons

by joanieims201

I have been a fan of Ebay for years. Although I rarely use ebay, I have made a few great purchases on Ebay and enjoy looking around for low prices of products I like, even if I don’t bid on them.

Ebay can be a problem for a few reasons. For those with an addictive personality, bidding on multiple items at once might be one of the worst things your can do. You can’t be sure of the quality of some items, and you can’t be sure of things fitting right if you buy used items online from companies your don’t know.

In my experience, regardless of the pros and cons of Ebay, if you know how to be smart on the site, you can be very successful and have little to no issues (I have only had pleasant experiences). 

Here are my tips to shopping on Ebay in order to help eliminate as many issues as possible.

1. Use PayPal. It is a secure and safe way to bid on Ebay instead of using your credit card information.

2. If you are buying clothes, shop from brands you have tried on or worn before. I bought a $330 BCBG dress on Ebay for $80 that was in great condition for my senior prom. I knew that the size would work because I tried on BCBG dresses in the store after seeing it on Ebay, and made sure I knew what size I should buy. It fit great!

2. Only bid on a few things at a time. While you most likely won’t win ALL of your bids, bidding on fewer items makes it easier to track any higher bids. The more you can focus on one item, the better a chance you have to get it.

3. Have you highest bid typed in and press enter at the last possible minute. If you really want the item, others will be tracking it like a hawk. It is a MUST to wait till the last second to write that high bid, which should be your highest price you are willing to pay. If you win, you won’t always have to pay that entire amount…only if someone else’s highest bid is really high.

4. Buy cheap jewelry online! You can often get lots of sterling silver pieces for under $5! I suggest buying these items on Ebay vs. boutiques where you will pay around #30 for the same thing. Most sterling silver will be nice used and new!