Employers and Facebook

by joanieims201


According to the Huffington Post, 37 percent of employers use Facebook as a way to “pre scan” potential employees. 

This is no surprise to me. As a college student growing up with Facebook and other internet sites being used to frequently, we are warned by teachers and friends to be careful what we post online. 

There are many stories about how Facebook created issues for people due to privacy being difficult to gain. While Facebook is meant to be private-ish, it is on the Internet, and therefore, really isn’t that private after all.

I think that it is up to each person to use the Internet/Facebook to represent themselves in whichever way they wish to. If that has negative consequences and will cost them a potential job? That was most likely their fault for posting inappropriate content online.

However, I think that asking employees for their account and password information is taking it too far. If an employer can see your information on the internet simply by searching for your name, then I see no harm. Asking for access to their password is ridding them of the little privacy that they have. It seems like it is unneeded. If a person makes their Facebook as private as possible and uses it in a way that doesn’t harm the company they work for, then why pry? 

People should be responsible for what they put online, and if it is open to the public, I think that employers have the right to turn them away from a job. After all, they will be representing the company all the time, even when they aren’t on the job. Being smart about what you put online is ultimately the best option, and then employers will have nothing to fret about. 

Don’t be stupid online. Period.