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Month: March, 2013

Ebay: pros and cons

I have been a fan of Ebay for years. Although I rarely use ebay, I have made a few great purchases on Ebay and enjoy looking around for low prices of products I like, even if I don’t bid on them.

Ebay can be a problem for a few reasons. For those with an addictive personality, bidding on multiple items at once might be one of the worst things your can do. You can’t be sure of the quality of some items, and you can’t be sure of things fitting right if you buy used items online from companies your don’t know.

In my experience, regardless of the pros and cons of Ebay, if you know how to be smart on the site, you can be very successful and have little to no issues (I have only had pleasant experiences). 

Here are my tips to shopping on Ebay in order to help eliminate as many issues as possible.

1. Use PayPal. It is a secure and safe way to bid on Ebay instead of using your credit card information.

2. If you are buying clothes, shop from brands you have tried on or worn before. I bought a $330 BCBG dress on Ebay for $80 that was in great condition for my senior prom. I knew that the size would work because I tried on BCBG dresses in the store after seeing it on Ebay, and made sure I knew what size I should buy. It fit great!

2. Only bid on a few things at a time. While you most likely won’t win ALL of your bids, bidding on fewer items makes it easier to track any higher bids. The more you can focus on one item, the better a chance you have to get it.

3. Have you highest bid typed in and press enter at the last possible minute. If you really want the item, others will be tracking it like a hawk. It is a MUST to wait till the last second to write that high bid, which should be your highest price you are willing to pay. If you win, you won’t always have to pay that entire amount…only if someone else’s highest bid is really high.

4. Buy cheap jewelry online! You can often get lots of sterling silver pieces for under $5! I suggest buying these items on Ebay vs. boutiques where you will pay around #30 for the same thing. Most sterling silver will be nice used and new!


World Cigarette Use

Employers and Facebook

According to the Huffington Post, 37 percent of employers use Facebook as a way to “pre scan” potential employees. 

This is no surprise to me. As a college student growing up with Facebook and other internet sites being used to frequently, we are warned by teachers and friends to be careful what we post online. 

There are many stories about how Facebook created issues for people due to privacy being difficult to gain. While Facebook is meant to be private-ish, it is on the Internet, and therefore, really isn’t that private after all.

I think that it is up to each person to use the Internet/Facebook to represent themselves in whichever way they wish to. If that has negative consequences and will cost them a potential job? That was most likely their fault for posting inappropriate content online.

However, I think that asking employees for their account and password information is taking it too far. If an employer can see your information on the internet simply by searching for your name, then I see no harm. Asking for access to their password is ridding them of the little privacy that they have. It seems like it is unneeded. If a person makes their Facebook as private as possible and uses it in a way that doesn’t harm the company they work for, then why pry? 

People should be responsible for what they put online, and if it is open to the public, I think that employers have the right to turn them away from a job. After all, they will be representing the company all the time, even when they aren’t on the job. Being smart about what you put online is ultimately the best option, and then employers will have nothing to fret about. 

Don’t be stupid online. Period.

@OxfordAsians; Racist Twitter account?

A senior at Miami University shut down his Twitter account after having it up for six months, gaining about 1,000 followers, and getting accused of being racist against Asians.

The Twitter account called @Oxford Asians was meant to be a satirical according to Sam Kornau, the created of the account. After gaining attention from the school, Sam was wise to shut it down.

As a user of twitter (@joaniecc), I saw friends of mine following @OxfordAsians, but decided not to follow it myself because it made me a little uncomfortable (not that some of the Tweets weren’t a little humorous).

I agree that the account was most likely made as a joke, but after the YouTube incident where Emily Wallace made a racist video entitled “Asians in the library”, it should have been a little more understandable that making a Twitter “bashing” Asian students in Oxford was a stupid idea.

I feel bad that Sam is gaining so much negative attention his senior year, and that because of it, he will most likely have a harder time getting a job after graduation. However, it is pretty stupid that people STILL haven’t figured out that everything they do online has consequences and is pretty public.

While the account did make me uncomfortable, and while some of the comments were a little offensive, I feel that it was relatively harmless and got shut down at a good time. I can’t speak for anyone who identifies as an “Oxford Asian”, but I think the outcome of the account has brought justice for them. I feel that there are Twitter accounts making fun of a lot of groups at MU, but that since this was a minority group that was targeted, it seems and maybe IS more offensive.

All in all, people can be really ignorant. People will always make jokes about everyone, and there will always be people who don’t care about offending others. Putting your ignorance and disregard on the internet for everyone to see though? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Just don’t do it. How hard is it to just joke with your friends in private (not that that is right either, but I believe that Sam probably does this anyway). When you put anything online that you would be embarrassed if Obama, your Grandma, or the family would babysit for would see, then you have it coming.

I think that this kid will have to deal with the consequences of his stupid decision, and to me, that is enough. The bigger issue should be addressed, but I think that should be separate from making Sam feel any worse than he probably will for a while. Diversity is an issue that most MU students are ignorant about, and one that students here aren’t usually used to being around. Having each student take IDS159 would be a great way to open students minds, or by having a week around diversity where issues are brought up in classes would really help educate students. Having students listen to the issues minority groups face at MU will be more effective than blowing this Twitter account up.

I wonder if Sam will lose any job offers, or if he has lost any friends because of the respect he may have cost himself. :/

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