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Month: February, 2013

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in class info gram

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Sub Tweeting

Twitter is a fun way to hear and see what your friends are doing and thinking. I love looking at the pictures people tweet and seeing funny re-tweets from celebrities. While I don’t use Twitter that much because I don’t have a Smartphone, I do get on it when I can.


Every time I get on my Twitter account, I see people “sub-tweeting” or “directly referring to a particular person without mentioning their name or directly referring to them,”(Write, 2011).


Now, while I understand the ease of complaining about other people on the Internet, and do understand that if nothing else, it is a fast way for other people to know what you are feeling, THIS DRIVES ME NUTS!


I think it is so stupid when people call other people out subliminally through a sub-tweet. Putting their problems or beef with others on blast on the Internet just seems childish. Whatever happened to confronting people in person?


Writing about how annoying “some” people are while making it well known who you are talking about seems like #TwitterAbuse. Communication is so important, and talking out your problems with others in person is the polite and rational way to handle a negative situation. If handling the situation head on is not something you are comfortable with, then I would suggest talking to your parents or friends about the situation. When you put it online, it seems to become everyone’s problem, and will probably make more drama than it will solve.


Another problem I have with sub-tweeting is that sometime they can be so vague, numerous people may think the tweet was about them. This then gets everyone talking and gossiping about who and what is happening, and ends up involving way more people than it should.


All in all, Twitter can be a positive and fun place to interact with your friends online…or it can be really annoying and immature.


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Cyber Bullying

Elissa McCracken, better known to many as Miss Ohio, shared her story of cyber bullying with students at St. Charles Catholic School.


Cyber bulling is a form of bullying that takes place over the Internet in a variety of forms. Elissa’s bullying occurred for two years in middle school on instant messaging. She said she used to cry every night about the horrible things her peers anonymously told her online.


She said over 70 percent of teens experience cyber bullying at some point. While I was not really bullied online, I was picked on in elementary school for my birthmark. I remember crying all the time about how “different” I looked, and thinking that I would never have a first kiss. 😦


Bullying hurts a lot and can stick with a person for a long time. With the Internet becoming such an easy way to communicate without showing who they are, students often feel safer to say hurtful words online without punishment.


I don’t know the best way to fix the problem of cyber bullying, but I feel that it starts in the classroom and at home. If parents and teachers make it clear what cyber bullying is and how cowardly it is, students will be able to understand that no matter how easy and simple it can be, that  it can be serious.


More people are committing suicide or becoming depressed from being victims of cyber bullying. One of the worst parts is instead of hurting one person by talking to them directly, all the words said can be so easily reached all across the globe—I can’t imagine having my entire school bullying me online, but that is the reality of many student’s lives now-a-days.


All in all, cyber bulling is a serious issue. Many people carry around the weight of cyber bullying for their whole lives. This is why it is important for those who have overcome cyber bullying to share their stories, like Elissa McCracken. By seeing someone so successful, beautiful, and as loved as she is, students will be able to identify with her struggles and see that they can overcome their issues because it can get better.

Online Dating

With technology becoming more important, people changing jobs or moving to new cities more frequently, meeting “that special person” has become harder than ever.


Over 40 million people in the U.S. access online dating services each month.


If this is true, why is there still such a negative stigma connected with online dating? People assume that online dating is weird and only for those too desperate and pathetic to meet someone in person.


Although I don’t online date, I feel that it is an excellent way to meet people with similar interests to you right off the back. For those out of college, it can be hard to meet people in new cities and jobs, and online dating can make a city smaller.


After reading about the stigma of online dating, it is also clear that people are skeptical that it can work.  My neighbor just got engaged to a wonderful man she met on a dating website so I have seen that it can work…but only when done right!


One of the most common problems users make when online dating is that members often contact too many members at once. Although hearing from a bunch of interested people can make your self esteem feel boosted, the reason people online date is to find ONE SPECIAL PERSON, so it is important to narrow in only on those you really want to get to know. Just because someone is cute doesn’t mean they are for you—keep in mind what you are looking for.


For someone as “technologically-idiotic” as I am, I don’t know that online dating is in the cards for me. However, for someone like my brother, who has always loved technology and the Internet, I can’t think of a better way for him to connect with someone.


All in all, online dating isn’t weird. It can work if used right and with an open mind.

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