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Month: January, 2013

Facebook Ruins Relationships

I typically pride myself on the fact that I am a low-maintenance, low-drama person. I am careful of who I spend time with and let close to me, to make sure that I am among people who make me happier—bring me up not tear me down. Although my life in the “real world” may be fairly low key, Facebook has seemingly snuck more drama into my life.


This leads me to my point. Yes. Facebook can ruins relationships.


Although I have not lost any friends via the social networking site, it has strained many of my relationships. Since talking to people is so convenient and easy on Facebook, it has become a frequent way I keep in touch with my girlfriends. We talk about what is going on in our lives; the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Having accidently left my Facebook account up on my boyfriend’s computer, he decided to snoop (yes, I know…what the heck!). He saw that I was messaging a girlfriend about how I was really getting irritated with him and wasn’t sure what to do about it. Instead of taking it as it was, girl talk with a close girlfriend, he took it to heart, and thought I was unhappy with him and wanted to be single. This required a lot of damage control, but everything worked out.


Facebook also is a way for people to involve themselves in your private drama. Numerous times have I seen a friend post a status so obviously about a specific person that it led to a fight.


In general, Facebook has its ups and downs. I think the stress from pointless drama it can cause can really hurt relationships. Anything you post on Facebook is in writing FOREVER. If people were more careful with what they wrote, there would be a lot less relationship problems, but ultimately, it comes down to trust. If you have nothing to hide and you keep your relationships private, having your relationship status on Facebook shouldn’t be a problem. Also, people who are looking for something to fight about by snooping on your Facebook will probably be able to find something to be upset about, so having a trusting relationship is the best way to have a lasting relationship.


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Instagram Privacy

Instagram, a photo-sharing site, has become the topic of controversy lately among its loyal users. Instead of continuing to protect users privacy, Instagram has decided too make users’ photos and profile pages visible to the public (this includes even those who aren’t friends with a user, or people who don’t have an Instagram profile at all).

My immediate thought: WHY?!


The reason I even have an Instagram is to be able to connect with my friends and see their pictures– I could care less about the photos random people are taking! Although I don’t post many pictures, I wouldn’t want my photos available to anyone with Internet access! The reason Instagram is fun is because people can post funny photos that only their friends can see, and not be judged by everyone else.


While I disagree with Instagram’s decision to make everyone’s photos available to the public, I won’t be deterred from using Instagram, since I don’t post much anyway. I do, however, feel that the change may cause other people to limit their use of the site, monitor their previously “candid” photos, or cause them to deactivate their accounts. Upsetting the public by taking away the privacy of users makes Instagram seem like it doesn’t value its users, which is something that always attracted me to it in the past.


Instagram Goes Public with Profile Pages

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